Pip Horne Studio

Redchurch Street

Occupying a prominent corner site in Shoreditch a new building is to accommodate a private humanitarian foundation. At its heart and centrally positioned is 'the big table' ... a symbol for eating and communication, and a destination for social interaction and the exchanging of ideas. Above is a large imposing and tapering lightwell that extends through three levels to the roof.
From this centre are supporting spaces and multi purpose/exhibition areas on adjacent floors and beyond these are private apartments/overnight rooms, offices and basement pool.

A filigree of perforate colour coated panels cloak the building forming both sunscreen and veil. This is punctuated by random openings that cut deep to reveal mini atria and balconies.

East London
Unrealised, 2009

Redchurch Street Redchurch Street Redchurch Street Redchurch Street
Redchurch Street