Pip Horne Studio

Pound Lane 2

A new build three bedroom detached house occupying an elevated position on a gently sloping site with views looking south towards the South Downs.

There are three distinct blocks, a central two storey building and two single storey wings. The centre block is broadly square in plan and is clad entirely in folded black painted steel with large recessed window openings set back from the face to appear in shadow. It is a metal cladding that is structural, watertight and airtight.... a 'stressed skin' upturned box formed from mild steel plate. The steel box is a contemporary take on the traditional black corrugated agricultural shed or barn common to the local area. Its suitability for a residential building is its long service life and adaptability.

The two wings have pitched roofs with hipped ends and are finished entirely in locally sourced multi stock brickwork or sweet chestnut weatherboarding. The simple palette of materials allow for an integrated form with recessed gutters.

East Sussex, 2011

Pound Lane Pound Lane Pound Lane Pound Lane Pound Lane