Pip Horne Studio


This installation titled 'A Free and Anonymous Monument' was the artist’s largest to date encompassing thirteen separate projections and unfolding over 700sq.m of floor space

At the heart of the installation is the now largely forgotten relic of post war regeneration Victor Pasmore’s Apollo Pavilion built in 1958 in the nearby town of Peterlee. An architectural experiment whose radical utopian credentials were embodied in its stark and uncompromising lines and in its choice of the then state of the art material….reinforced concrete.

We were asked to recreate the spirit of the pavilion and to take its template of free floating planes as the physical framework for the installation.

The result is a fractured panorama of space and light that situates the artist’s trademark explorations of place and space in an expanded architectural/sculptural setting. Anchored at either end are two large slabs of concrete which give the installation a monumental weight and scale. These ‘bookends’ are thresholds to a matrix of pathways and multiple perspectives.

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Gateshead 2003
collaboration with Jane & Louise Wilson
photos: Jerry Hardman Jones